Posted by: whosyerman | March 30, 2010

Can I have a plot of land for £5 please Pete?

Just got home to the news that our dear First Minister and his wife are in the news again and for all the wrong reasons. It seems they have bought a plot of land from a friendly developer for £5.  According to an investigation by the BBC’s Newsline programme, the land deal enabled the Robinsons to sell part of their back garden for nearly £460,000. And they got it for a bargain too as Newsline estimate the plot to be worth £75k when they bought it an £220k when they sold it. Now they did sell it on for only a fiver so they didn’t make a profit…………. but it did enable them to sell the rest of the land for over £450k. It is nice to have friends in the property business!

What is the response from the Robinsons? A admission and apology? NO. An explanation as to why it didn’t appear in their parliamentary interests? NO. An expression of sorrow that they didn’t inform Castlereagh Borough Council about a potential conflict of interest? NO. The DUP, one can only assume with the blessing of the First Minister, has accused the BBC of “an on-going smear campaign”. Well I have the answer for the poor beleaguered First Couple. STOP DOING BLOODY SILLY THINGS. Things that bring yourselves into disrepute. Things that bring your party into disrepute. And above all things that bring our political system as a whole into question for the man in the street.

We have suffered 30+ years of troubles, hundreds of years of sectarian politics and now the thing that could actually bring down our political system is the same sleaze that has done the same across the water. What happened to people who believed in a righteous cause?

If it wasn’t so tragic for the rest of us the continuing saga of Pete and Iris might actually be funny.

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Welcome to the madness

Just to give you all some background. I am a typical grouchy young man who is getting more and more frustrated with our country, our government, the churches and pretty much everything else. So instead of opting for a heart attack I decided to go for the lesser of two evils and vent my spleen at the world. The other option was prozac but as my family and friends will tell you that only encourages me to share my feelings………….. not a good idea especially if there is drink involved.

So in the coming days weeks and years I will be taking pot shots at whoever crosses my path, as long as they deserve it that is. So for those of you in power of any sort or sponging of anyone from parents to government beware! Everyone else I hope I can make a few points and maybe raise a smile in the process.

all the hairy chest

Yer Man

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Hello world!

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